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    A platform for:

    Content will be available starting from September 2024.

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    • webinars dedicated to SSbD for companies, students, researchers and institution members.
    • informative material, to build a complete SSbD database.
    • events to attend, in presence and online, with experts from different sectors.

    SSbD framework

    The "Safe and Sustainable by Design" (SSbD framework) is a voluntary approach to guide the innovation process for chemicals and materials, announced on 8 December 2022 in a Commission Recommendation.


    The hub is:
    •  a repository and database;
    • an exchange platform;
    • a training tool for the next generation of researchers;
    • a promotion of SSbD.

    Next events

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    Informative videos will touch the following topics:
    • the SSbD framework;
    • the INTEGRANO methodology;
    • multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA);
    • LCA and S-LCA;
    • NMs and NEPs - regulatory framework and policy at the EU level;
    • NMs and NEPs data resources;
    • INTEGRANO results – CS leads;
    • nano-specific impact categories.